Defense of General Liability and Auto Accidents
Defense of

Defense of General Liability, Auto Accidents, and Premises Liability, including Criminal Acts Committed on the Premises

Our firm has significant experience and a strong record of success in the defense of both personal injury general liability and premises liability claims, for both self-insured clients and on behalf of leading insurance carriers. 

We have defended:

  • Privately held companies
  • Public corporations’ retailer
  • Property owners and manager
  • and numerous other entities in the defense of general liability claims as well as premises liability claims, which are typically more involved.

Specifically, regarding premises liability, our team addresses the fundamental question of what constitutes duty under New York law and defends the duty of contractors to third parties not in privity of contract, as well as contractual indemnity issues and additional insured obligations.

In regard to owner’s liability for criminal acts committed on the owner’s premises, our team has the resources and experience to build strong defenses for our clients reinforcing that the owner did not breach the duty to care (either by act or omission) for those on their property.

We evaluates each claim and develops a course of action based on the potential risk and exposure.  With our experience representing clients in general liability and premises claims, combined with the in-depth knowledge of the courts and case precedents, clients trust our team to frame each defense to achieve the desired outcome.